Case Studies

See how we’ve helped our clients with cutting-edge technology solutions

Phishing damage mitigation and prevention

The director of HR at a rapidly growing company clicked on an email that appeared to be from the payroll company, but was actually a classic phishing email. Employee data was compromised, including social security numbers.

Technology Response Team was hired to help mitigate the damage.

First, we took immediate steps to isolate the problem and secure the software that had been breached to prevent the problem from spreading to other parts of the company. We helped communicate with employees about the data breach and how to take further steps to protect their data and avoid fraudulent activity.

Next, we assessed the entire company tech stack for security vulnerabilities and made the following improvements:
The company ended up in a much more secure place, and was able to prevent another targeted phishing scam just a few months later. The project manager was able to save time by having all the security tools in one central place instead of a patchwork quilt with different renewal updates.

Reducing help desk requests by 20%

A growing fitness technology business was struggling with turnover in their small IT department. Day-to-day problems were keeping the IT team from being able to do deeply strategic work. Employees were experiencing frustrations with their computers being down and needing to wait for support. On average, each employee was spending about an hour per week dealing with computer issues — the equivalent of each employee taking an extra week of vacation each year. It was clear that they needed to hire one or two more IT staff, but the company wanted to put that money towards different initiatives.

Technology Response Team quickly implemented a computer monitoring system in place, identifying equipment that needed replacing, which immediately cut the number of help desk requests by 20%. The client started using our ticketing system, which helped the rest of the employees get help they needed quickly, immediately boosting productivity.

The IT department stopped being stretched so thin, and burnout decreased. The company was able to work with Technology Response team to act more strategically with their IT services, without needing to hire an entire team of in-house staff. As the pressures lifted, the internal IT team stopped experiencing so much turnover, further saving the company money.

Helping our client stay compliant with HIPAA

A clinic had been in business for several years, but they had some concerns about HIPAA compliance and were noticing that the hourly IT support was slow to address concerns.

Technology Response Team conducted an IT assessment, and found several gaps in HIPAA compliance. Immediate steps were taken to secure sensitive medical records. Staff were educated about the importance of keeping rooms with servers and other data locked.

The clinic also found some productivity gains as their computers were monitored and all updates were regularly applied.