Email and Spam Protection

We’ll ensure your inboxes are efficient, secure, and free of unwanted messages

What is email protection?

Email security uses technology to protect email accounts, content, and communications from threats such as phishing, ransomware, unauthorized email access, and any other risks that come from your inbox.

Major email security risks and how TRT protects you from them

Spam Email Protection –Sorting through the daily mountain of spam messages is more time-consuming than it seems, not to mention that some spam is inappropriate for workplaces. While there isn’t a silver bullet that will stop 100% of all spam, we can help you fight back with spam protection. Some of our clients have reduced spam emails by over 60%. Our software uses AI to learn more about what is considered spam and what is legitimate over time, so you can answer the emails that really matter. 

Phishing Protection – Phishing is a little more sophisticated than it was back when a long-lost prince was offering you a share of their gold mine in exchange for your bank details. Now it can look as innocent as an email from Netflix notifying you that it’s time to change your password. A lot of phishing is utterly believable. About 97% of employees are not able to detect the most advanced “spear phishing” emails. While nothing can protect you from all phishing emails, our AI-enhanced filters prevent most of these malicious emails from reaching your inboxes. For the rest, we train your employees to spot phishing messages before they do something they will regret. 

Email Scanning – Sometimes, spam or phishing emails harbor malicious files, like ransomware. They often look legitimate; maybe an “invoice” from someone you do business with, or a message with an attachment labeled “Resume.” We can find and catch these before they get to your inbox. 

Security Consulting – Misconfigured emails and domain spoofing get less media attention than ransomware or phishing emails, but these can allow people to impersonate you and your business. We can check to make sure everything is configured properly, with no loopholes for people to impersonate your business. 

Encrypted Email –If your biggest concern is keeping outgoing email secure, or you need to send sensitive details over email, you need encrypted email. We have options to help you encrypt Outlook or Gmail emails. It’s easy to use, and you can feel confident you are not inadvertently putting sensitive data at risk. 

Email security training

While we can minimize your risk, there is no foolproof system, which is why it is important to train ALL your employees on cybersecurity. We can get a training program in place that employees can complete as part of their onboarding, with regular quick refreshers. We can also set up “tests” to make sure that your employees really understand the importance of email security. You might be shocked by how many of your employees click on the fake phishing email the first few rounds.