Meet Our Executive Team


Chris Hale

Chris has worked with everyone from large enterprise businesses to tiny mom and pop shops in his 26 year IT career. He is passionate about helping people succeed, which shows in the way that he makes sure every detail is managed for clients, the way that the rest of the team talks about working for him, and even in the way that he lights up talking about the accomplishments of his kids. 

Favorite Thing About Technology Response Team
“How we’ve grown from just me to a group that works and cares about what this company becomes. We are a customer-centric team looking to keep our clients secure and working well.”
Out of the Office
Chris is an avid fan of the water. You can find him boating, surfing, lounging lakeside, or even scuba diving!

Eli Lafaurie

Eli has been in IT since 2006, and is a calm presence for our clients. He loves “being surrounded by people that force me to level up.” He can troubleshoot issues on any platform and has a gift for explaining complicated technology in simple terms.

Eli’s Biggest Accomplishment

“My biggest work accomplishment is helping someone resolve an issue so they can get back to doing what they need to do without having to worry about the technology piece. It could be anything from implementing a system that saves the company money to recovering a document a user thought they had lost. I think anytime I’m able to help someone out I get a sense of fulfillment. At the end of the day, we all just want to help anyone however we can.” 

Out of the Office

Eli enjoys playing golf and basketball, working on his cars, hiking, reading, and investing for personal growth.

Eli Lafourie IT specialist
Bank Anantravanich

Bank Anantravanich

Bank is a gifted project manager, with specialties in SharePoint, Intune, and Microsoft 365. He has a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Exercise Science, from the University of Louisville and an Associate degree, majoring in Culinary Arts, from Sullivan University. He has been active in tech committees his entire career, and excels in difficult projects.

Favorite Thing About Working at Technology Response Team

“I really appreciate that TRT offers a great company culture and has frequent processes in place for recognizing the achievements of its employees via weekly ‘Huddle Meetings’ and yearly assessments. Additionally, I also appreciate how accessible the leadership, i.e., Chris, makes himself with his employees, which strengthens clear communication and transparency with the team. It’s the best place I’ve ever worked at.”

Out of the Office

Bank’s hobbies include spending time with his wife and son, playing basketball and golf, weight lifting, hiking, cooking, kayaking, and other outdoor activities.

Kim Brokling

Kim was first introduced to Technology Response Team at her previous company, when she desperately needed some IT help. A good friend recommended Technology Response Team. “It’s weird when it takes a full five minutes to answer an email,” she was told.
Kim’s Experience with TRT

“Chris and the team were incredibly fast to deal with any issue. Better, they were passionate about getting to the real issues, which meant that problems didn’t keep coming back. They worked with me to build a really good onboarding process for new staff members. The best part was that they met with me every quarter to look strategically at the IT needs of the company — everything from how well the computers were running to the latest and most dangerous cyberthreats for businesses like mine.”

Kim is thrilled to have the opportunity to work at Technology Response Team as a Marketing Manager, where she can help introduce other people to Chris and the team.

Out of the Office

Kim enjoys public speaking, geeking out on all things marketing operations, and playing with her kids.

Jordan Cherin Young Technology Response Team Cyber Security Specialist

Jordan Cherin-Young

As a teenager, Jordan started fixing and building computers to sell for some extra cash to upgrade his own PC. His interest in IT kept growing, leading him to go to college for computer information systems with a concentration in Cyber Security. At Technology Response Team, Jordan serves as our Security Engineer, and makes sure that our customers reduce their risk of cyber attacks.

Favorite Thing About Working at Technology Response Team

“I get to do lots of very different things, instead of my role being the same tasks day to day. I’m constantly facing new challenges and, more importantly, new learning opportunities. With that, my growth is never stunted. If there is a problem I want to work on, I can easily take it on and know that I’m really making a difference for our customers.”

Out of the Office

“Music is one of my great joys outside of work, and during work too whenever I can. I love to get in touch with my creative side and cook! Eating great food is also a favorite.”