Managed IT support

We’ll handle your business technology so you can focus on running your business

What are managed IT services?

Managed Services means that you outsource your IT support to another company. A managed services provider then keeps your IT equipment running, and also anticipates the need for any changes in technology. Our managed services also are inclusive of cybersecurity protections.

What is included in managed IT services?

When you use our managed IT services, you get unlimited tech support for you computers, VOIP phones, third party software and internet connection. You also get monitoring for your computers and other IT equipment, cybersecurity protections, tech onboarding for your new employees, and compliance assistance (HIPAA- or PCI) You’ll also get help procuring new computers or other equipment. 

Our Managed Services Include:

Computer Monitoring

We monitor the speed and performance of all your computers. This helps prevent big problems (because we see small anomalies and fix them early) and keeps your team from losing time on computer issues. We’ll also make sure that your systems are getting all the updates they need.


Hey you, the one with the unsecured spreadsheet with all your passwords! We see you. Our managed services include a full suite of tools to help keep your IT safe — everything from email and spam protection to software that can stop you or your employees from accidentally clicking into a spoofed website. We also help train your team on how to avoid security threats, and can even help you manage those passwords.

New Employee IT Onboarding

Workplace culture is important, but if your new employees start their first day of work and none of their IT is set up, it leaves a bad impression. We’ll make a full checklist of what needs to happen, so that your newest team members can spend their first days making an impact instead of anxiously trying to figure out who to ask what their new email address is.

Desktop Support (PC or Mac)

We work to keep your computers working optimally, but sometimes issues arise. When they do, we are incredibly fast to respond and fix the issue. Whether it’s an errant printer, an unbearably slow computer, or any type of computer problem, our friendly team will be there to help.


Don’t take unnecessary compliance risks. We will audit your systems to make sure you are PCI- and HIPAA-compliant.

Tech Strategy

We will meet with you regularly to make sure the tech you have in place best meets your current needs.

Managed IT Services FAQ

There are three major reasons to consider managed IT instead of internal IT:

  1. Depth of Knowledge: You get an entire team of people who can work together toward solving your most pressing IT issues. This team has a wide range of specialties that cannot possibly be covered by a single in-house IT person.
  2. Tools: When you work with a managed IT services team, you automatically get access to cybersecurity and equipment monitoring tools, which can be expensive to buy and maintain in-house.
  3. Cost: You can get full coverage for all your IT needs, but for much less than the average cost of hiring an internal IT person.

Looking for support on an as-needed basis is too risky for most businesses. You don’t want to be hit by a data breach with no one lined up to help you, and you don’t want your systems to degrade to the point where it takes a lot of time and money to fix them. You depend on your technology to communicate with your customers, generate revenue, create your products, and compete in your market. It is important to have your IT properly maintained and safeguarded against cybercriminals proactively.

  • Lack of maintenance means that it can get expensive to fix your computers, phones, and technology by the time you call someone to come in and fix it.
  • A managed services company is incentivized to keep your technology fast, secure, and optimized to your needs. Someone who just comes in to fix it gets more money if you have to call back next week because your tech broken again.
  • You want a team that is familiar with your business so they can recommend solutions that are appropriate to your needs and goals.
  • Managed services grow with your business. Fixing one-off issues does not scale.
Yes. We can help you with any IT equipment that your team needs, from computers to VoIP phones. We will also work with all of your IT vendors so you have a single point of contact.

You get what you pay for. What our clients generally experience is that while we aren’t the cheapest, they end up significantly reducing downtime, employees are more effective doing the jobs they were hired for instead of IT, and significant security risks are reduced, all of which helps businesses thrive. We also will do things like auditing your licenses and procure the proper equipment, which can end up saving you quite a bit of money.