About Us

Technology Response Team specializes in helping IT teams navigate complex IT and cybersecurity environments

Our Story

Chris Hale started Technology Response Team because he saw that many IT providers weren’t responsive and didn’t seem to realize that even “small” issues are time-consuming for business owners. He also saw overworked IT departments, where prevention and IT strategy were getting forgotten among the shuffle of day-to-day problems.

That’s why he created a business where he could be a true IT partner, putting all the right technology pieces in place to help businesses grow and keep their company data safe. He worked to make a model that benefits IT employees, their companies, and their clients.

Along the way, Technology Response Team has effectively solved IT problems for growing teams, managed complicated Intune migrations, filled the gaps in cybersecurity and compliance needs, and developed thorough processes to make sure that IT, cybersecurity, and compliance is proactively managed in a way that works with your existing processes and saves you time, money, and stress. 

Help First

There’s a reason “response” is in our company name! We usually respond in less than 5 minutes. You will be working with a team where relationships and trust are more important than a quick buck.  You’ll have a team that wants to help you get a big picture of your IT costs, risks, and opportunities as your business grows.  

What's Next

You probably make sure your team is constantly learning. When you work with us, you will know that your IT team attends training with some of the best technology and security companies in the world multiple times a year. In between training, we attend IT conferences and events, stay up to date with industry trends, and get the latest and greatest from every source we can. Our tight-knit team makes a point of sharing information and best practices. We believe that growth equals opportunities, and that everything we touch is an opportunity to make things better. 

Extreme Ownership

We take ownership over how well your technology is working. We’ll handle all the calls with the IT departments for the software you already use, and help you order new equipment as necessary. There is no such thing as “not my problem” on our team. We make sure that we solve the problem AND any underlying conditions that were causing it, so that you don’t have “zombie” IT issues that keep coming back. When you work with us, rest assured we won’t leave you hanging.

Together is Better

Better results come when we work together. If you work with us, you will find that we work elevate everyone around us. You’ll get to know us and to feel like we are a trusted part of your team.