Identity Security

We’ll keep your digital credentials safe from bad actors so they can’t be used against you

What is identity security?

Identity security describes the proactive approach to safely controlling user and system information that is used to authenticate and authorize user identities for access to secure resources.

Do I need identity security?

If someone takes your identity (think of login credentials as an example), they can use your information to do all sorts of bad things, like installing ransomware, stealing data, committing fraud, or just selling it on the dark web.

How do I secure my identity?

There are several things you can do to secure your identity, including: 

If you are serious about managing your identity security, you will need to make mandatory policies for your entire team.

Why work with Technology Response Team for identity security?

No matter how many times you tell your employees they need strong passwords, someone will eventually slip up. We can help make stronger passwords and two-factor authentication mandatory and automatic. And those are just the basics. We also have tools to help detect identity security threats, determine if any of your company data is already on the dark web, and make sure that your team understands good cybersecurity practices.