Network Security

We’ll prevent unauthorized access to your network so you can work with confidence

What is network security?

Network security is the process of preventing and protecting against unauthorized intrusion into business networks, making a secure platform for your computers and programs to perform on.

Why do I need network security?

Your technology operates on a network. If that network is compromised, you are opening yourself up to cyberattacks or other unauthorized access to your data. In other words, if you are ignoring network security, you are inviting all sorts of unpleasant experiences, from rogue employees seeing things they shouldn’t to unknown strangers demanding money so that you can access your own emails. Plus, good network security practices are critical to achieving PCI and HIPAA compliance.

Network security for a remote workforce

If your workforce is remote or partially remote, we can help you make sure that you maintain network security. We’ll help you get the right tools to make sure that your company data is safe, even if remote employees are accessing their work tools from their home offices.

With network security from TRT, you get

3 Types of network security, explained

Physical network security

Physical security means making sure that routers, cabling cupboards, and other sensitive equipment is safely locked up and out of reach of unauthorized people. While these precautions are simple, they can easily be overlooked.

Technical network security

Technical network security focuses on protecting data stored on your network or in transit across, into, or out of your network.

Administrative network security

Administrative network security is the process of making sure that each person has the correct level of access. It also controls how users are authenticated. For businesses with existing IT teams, administrative network security also addresses how the IT staff implements changes to the network infrastructure.