Our Clients

Our Happiest Clients

Are responsive and communicative.

You’ll get responses from our team in 5 minutes or less, and you’ll get real help with everything IT related, whether it’s a support request or an impromptu technology strategy session. You’ll get a team that prevents tech problems from popping up all the time in the first place. You can only get those results with us if you answer our follow-up questions, regularly meet our team to review your IT strategy, and proactively let us know about the things that might impact your technology. We want to make technology one less thing you need to worry about, and that only works if you talk to us.

Deal with a lot of software.

We help our clients audit their licenses and save a lot of money (not to mention preventing cybersecurity loopholes). You also don’t have to bounce between tech support teams because we’ll work with your software’s tech support teams. You’ll get help making sure that stuff isn’t getting lost between applications.

Microsoft Environments.

If you use Microsoft 365 (or want to), you’ll get the most out of working with our team. You can get access to a deep bench of expertise, you’ll have people checking that your configurations complement what you want to do, and you won’t have misconfigured (or completely missing) security settings. You’ll be advised about more effective ways to use your technology. You’ll have a team that can tell you if your Microsoft licenses are correct for what your team actually needs.

Are growing.

Growth is one of our primary values. The relationship works best if it’s one of yours too. Your internal IT team will be freed up to work on the important stuff. If your growth is coming through acquisitions, we can ease the challenge of merging IT systems. Our happiest clients tend to have somewhere between 30 and 300 employees, and often already have an IT person or two.

Make stuff.

Our happiest clients make things. We tend to really excel with architectural, engineering, construction, and design firms, as well as software developers. If you build things, we can remove the technical obstacles so you can focus on putting great things into the world.