Data Backup Solutions

We’ll ensure you never lose vital data to disasters or breaches, and get you back to business fast after an incident

What is data backup?

Data backup means copying your data and storing the copy on a secure drive, often in a secure location. This protects you in case the original data is lost or corrupted, or you fall victim to ransomware. Backups can also be used to recover copies of files that have been deleted from your system.

Why do I need data backup?

Data backups are essential to protecting your business from data loss or theft.   

How data backups work with Technology Response Team

We will first assess what you already have in place, and then work with you to choose the best data backup solution. This is included in our managed services, co-managed, and virtual CIO packages.

TRT’s Data Backup Solutions protect your business from:

Natural Disasters

Hardware Failure

Cyberattacks and Data Breaches

Power Outages and Surges

Accidental File Deletion

Fire and Flooding