PC and Mac Desktop Support

We’ll ensure your hardware and software problems don’t keep you from running your business the way you want

What is desktop support?

Microsoft Outlook not working right and you just need to get your emails? You need desktop support. Same if your computer is frozen and you aren’t sure why. Basically, desktop support is where we support or fix any software-related issues on your computer, network, phone, or printer. Regardless of how small the problem may be, we still make a point of fixing it really quick, so you can move on with your day.

What’s included in our PC and Mac Desktop Support services:

Hardware Installation

We’ll help set up new computers, servers, or any other component you need and configure them to your needs. You’ll enjoy the benefits of your new purchase ASAP, instead of wasting time reading instructions.

Troubleshooting All IT Issues

From finicky software to full-on critical hardware failure, we address any and all of your technology problems.

Remote PC Support

We can help you remotely, so you don’t need to wait for someone to come to your office. It’s fast, easy, and completely secure. Our techs always check in with you before they log in, so that we don’t bump you out of something you are working on.

IT Support Ticketing System

A ticketing system is the most basic requirement for fast and effective desktop support. Any time you contact us, we make sure that it’s logged into a ticketing system so that there are good records of everything that’s been done so your ticket is resolved quickly.

We Support Macs

Many providers don’t help with Macs. We do. So if you use a Mac, we’ve got you covered.