Managed IT Services Pricing


We’ve seen fees range between $89-$250 per person per month. GOOD IT support will cost at least $150 per person per month.

If you get a quote for fully managed support lower than $150, we recommend digging deep into what you are getting. When prices are lower, support is either limited, outsourced internationally (slow, inconvenient and a security nightmare), inadequately staffed, or there isn’t any focus on proactive maintenance.

Yes! We can act as your help desk, or your strategic IT advisor, depending on how your team is structured. There are some variations in pricing depending on exactly what kind of support your team needs and what tools you already have in place, but typically the range is $95-$150/person/month.  

Yes, we do. Most remote first companies have slightly different IT and cybersecurity needs, which you can tell us about as we learn about what you are looking for.

No. Not having a full cybersecurity stack is dangerous for you AND for us. Cybersecurity isn’t just for giant enterprise companies; cybercriminals target small and medium-sized businesses. There are repercussions for your (and our) insurance coverage if you don’t have any cybersecurity. If you don’t want cybersecurity protection, we aren’t going to be a good fit for you. We will provide cybersecurity only if you don’t need IT support.

Our philosophy is that you can use your own cyber security tools IF they adequately protect you. We’ll use an assessment to see how your tools are working and identify any gaps. From there, you’ll be able to work with our team to make sure you are protected.

You can always find someone to do it cheaper.

When you work with us, you are getting a 100% local, background checked, highly trained team of engineers.

We make sure we have enough engineers on staff to be able to respond to your tech support issues within 5 minutes. Because we keep upper level engineers, your issues will be resolved quickly, without needing a cumbersome escalation process. 

You’ll also have a dedicated cyber security specialist to help reduce your business risks. Your business will have access to the best cybersecurity tools, which we will regularly update based on the current threat landscape. You’ll never have to guess if you have good cybersecurity coverage, because we invest in regular third party cybersecurity audits.

We’ve found that putting most of our time and effort on proactively maintaining your systems and regularly discussing your changing business needs so that you can plan your technology around what YOU want to accomplish is much less expensive than needing last minute crazy projects, expensive issues that should have been prevented in the first place, and equipment expenses you weren’t expecting.

If you’re paying less, chances are that you are getting less. And you might not actually be paying less.

No. A big part of our value is proactively preventing issues, acting as strategic technology advisors, and protecting you from cybersecurity risks. Hourly work doesn’t accomplish any of these objectives. We’ve also found that you are more likely to have huge, unexpected IT bills when problems are only addressed on an hourly basis.

We have experts on hand for Intune setup and migrations, email migrations, Azure ActiveDirectory setup, and cloud computing. If you have another kind of project, reach out and we’ll be able to tell you if we have the expertise to help. Project pricing varies based on the scope of the project.

You can use us a a help desk, or you can get a more strategic IT use. We really customize these options to your needs. Read more on our comanaged services page.