A Guide to Cybersecurity in an ai world

Don't let the hacker grinch steal your presents

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In this short webinar, IT and cybersecurity expert Chris Hale outlines easy ways to get IT spending under control and reduce risk to your business.

Chris will break down actions that you can take immediately, and that don’t require IT skills. It’s a must-watch for CEOs, financial experts, and operating professionals.

Date: December 6

About Chris Hale

Chris is the founder and CEO of Technology Response Team, an IT company that helps small businesses and growing IT teams grow and succeed.

He enjoys helping clients understand how to fill the gaps in their technology stack and the most efficient way to use IT, compliance, and cybersecurity to protect businesses and help teams meet their goals. He particularly enjoys working with small IT teams who need project assistance or a backup team.

He and his team have helped companies quadruple in size and maintain an IT infrastructure that was functional and problem free. He advocates for IT teams to get all the resources they need to be successful. 

He’s been featured in MSP Success magazine and X4 Tech Talks podcast.

Chris lives in Colorado and enjoys boating, surfing, lounging lakeside, and scuba diving with his wife and daughters.