April 24, 10 am Mountain Time

Building a Risk-Resilient Construction Company (Legal, Cyber, Insurance & PR Strategies)

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This panel brings together a team of experts in construction litigation law, insurance, cybersecurity, and public relations to offer a comprehensive guide to risk management in the construction industry.

Each presenter will share 2-3 key risks to be aware of in their area of expertise, along with actionable strategies to mitigate them.

Date: April 24

10 am Mountain Time

About Our Panelists

Megan A. Shapiro, Esq.: Risk Management Strategist & Construction Attorney

Megan A. Shapiro is a partner at Radoslovich | Shapiro, PC, where she pioneers a holistic approach to construction and business law through her innovative “360 Support” strategy.

With nearly fifteen years of expertise, Megan excels in navigating construction companies through complex legal and risk landscapes, integrating risk management with legal services to empower leaders in the construction industry.

Her mission is to provide the tools and knowledge necessary for effective risk identification, management, and mitigation, ensuring her clients not only safeguard their interests but also enhance their profitability and competitive standing.

Megan’s extensive background in legal advisory, strategic planning, and employee risk assessment positions her as a pivotal figure for any construction entity aiming for success and resilience.

Matt Bozarth, Insurance Specialist

Matt Bozarth has been working with customers on their business and personal policies since 2012. He has a  background in property inspection, real estate, automotive, marketing & web admin.

Matt loves to help with solutions, finding what’s right for clients when other insurance companies haven’t.

Foothills Insurance specializes in business coverage for a wide variety of industries and assists with providing a complete and rounded portfolio based on our knowledge and consultation.

Chris Hale, Technology and Cybersecurity Expert

If there’s one thing that sets Chris apart from the crowd, it’s the way that he makes it clear that he’s rooting for you.  

For our clients, it means getting the IT, cybersecurity, and compliance tools in place to scale up, answering tickets speedily, being available to consult on IT strategy, and making sure to support clients through tough times. Whatever it is that you are trying to do, Chris will do whatever he can to help make it happen.

He enjoys helping clients understand how to fill the gaps in their technology stack and the most efficient way to use IT, compliance, and cybersecurity to protect businesses and help teams meet their goals. He particularly enjoys working with small IT teams who need project assistance or a backup team.

He’s been featured in MSP Success magazine and X4 Tech Talks podcast.

Chris lives in Colorado and enjoys boating, surfing, lounging lakeside, and scuba diving with his wife and daughters.

Case Shaw, PR Expert and Business Development Strategist

Case Shaw has spent the last 15 years as an energy-efficient construction advocate, developer, and distributor of sustainable supplies for high-performance buildings, introducing advanced, low-energy building products to North American markets.

His work has included sourcing and web-based advocacy services related to fighting climate change in buildings. Since 2021, Case has been a copywriter and is Parklife’s Business Development Strategist.

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