What Your Business Can Expect When You Switch MSPs

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Switching to another MSP can be a challenging process full of waiting, frustration, and second thoughts. Is your current provider up to date? Are they doing all of the things an MSP should be doing? If you’re considering switching MSPs, there are critical pieces of information that would help with the switch.

Benefits of an MSP

Let’s start with the basics. What is an MSP?

MSPs (Managed Service Providers) are third-party companies that offsite business functions and necessary departments. Sometimes businesses don’t have enough space, employees, resources, or expenses for in-house departments—small and medium-sized businesses especially. MSPs remedy these problems. Basically, MSPs allow businesses to hire offsite professionals who boost efficiency and promote cost savings.

Here are some of the leading capabilities and functions MSPs can perform.

Human Resources

Every company needs a human resources department if several employees work for the business. Human resources departments have many responsibilities, including:

  • Managing job recruitment, selection, and promotion
  • Overseeing employee benefits and wellness programs
  • Developing, promoting, and enforcing employee policies
  • Managing career development and job training
  • Providing orientation programs
  • Supplying guidance involving disciplinary actions

All of these processes can be challenging for a growing company to handle. Your current HR MSP should be able to manage these operations. If not, you can facilitate all these essential functions if you switch MSPs and partner with a company that provides better service and suits your company’s needs.

IT departments are more necessary than ever. Advances in technology help streamline workloads and daily processes, but they need experts constantly evaluating your digital infrastructure to ensure operations run smoothly. For example, IT support can fix issues like failed instant messages in a connected dashboard system. Hiring an IT managed service provider guarantees you have a team of professionals to monitor and evaluate your company’s essential functions, including:

  • Managed & Co-Managed IT
  • Server Support
  • Cloud Computing
  • IT Security Compliance
  • Data Protection
  • Disaster Recovery

IT managed service providers help remote workers working from home and in-house employees. They provide help desk service and cybersecurity to prevent attacks such as phishing—fraudulent emails, apps, and websites trying to gain sensitive data from unsuspecting employees.

Employee Monitoring Tools

An MSP can run your employee monitoring solution. These functions can document employee attendance, tracked time, keystroke logging, employee performance, and other monitoring features. Computer monitoring software for businesses is an excellent investment for companies that wish to promote positive performance, culture, and employee behavior.

TRT offers viral, offsite IT services for a company looking to switch MSPs. We offer cybersecurity support and infrastructure maintenance for small to medium-sized businesses. Our dedicated team of expert IT technicians is here to help. Let us show why we should be your new IT managed service provider. Contact TRT today.

Tips To Switch MSPs Easier

Your business needs to switch MSPs if your current service isn’t meeting your expectations. If you’re surveying different options, there are essential things to consider before you make a final decision.

Prepare for a Brief Set up Period

Switching MSPs requires an extensive onboarding process to get the new managed service provider up to speed. Your new MSP needs to evaluate your operations to understand how your business functions and how team members and remote employees carry out day-to-day tasks. For example, an IT managed service provider needs to analyze your digital infrastructure and cybersecurity measures. Sometimes new MSPs have to start from scratch, which can take time to set up.

Gather Valuable Data Before Switching MSPs

It’s not the best idea to tell your current employer that you’re looking for new employment. It’s similar when you switch MSPs. Get all the valuable information out of your provider before telling them you’re leaving. Gather your company’s data like user activity monitoring, HR resources, and your current MSP’s vital information.

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Know What You’re Looking for in an MSP

Knowing your current MSP setup and why you wish to find another service is essential. You don’t want to blindly change services if you don’t understand how your MSP functions and can’t identify your current MSP issues.

Some vital questions your business should ask include:

What Do You Know About Your Current MSP Setup?

The best way to find a new MSP is to understand your current one. It’s beneficial for a potential MSP to know your company’s systems and functions.

What Are Your Technological Plans for the Future?

Does your business plan on expanding, and can your current MSP manage new growth? Your MSP should be able to tailor your required functions to the size and complexity of your future operations.

What Else Can Your New MSP Offer?

What functions are in your MSP wish list? What would you want to be fixed if you could wave a magic wand? Potential third-party MSPs want to know precisely what your business wants and what to expect. Communication is vital during this process.

Things Your Business May Experience When Switching MSPs

Businesses tend to stick with their current MSPs because it’s a daunting process to switch MSPs. Typically, previous managed service providers are uncooperative. You can expect promises, upgrades, and deals. But remember, if they’re offering better service now, why weren’t they doing it before? A proper MSP should always provide the best service available. Business is business. Every dollar you invest in your company and hired services should return appropriate results.

TRT Is a Certified IT Managed Service Provider

TRT Is a Certified IT Managed Service Provider
Does your business need to switch MSPs? TRT has you covered.

We provide state-of-the-art IT services, monitoring, and management. These services include managed and co-managed IT, cybersecurity support, server support, cloud computing, data backup management, and more.

Contact TRT for the last IT MSP services you’ll ever need.


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