How To Set up Your Hybrid Workforce for Success

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Your business could be left behind if you’re not using modern technology solutions. Hybrid workforces use new technologies to grant employees flexibility and ease of mind.

What Is a Hybrid Workforce?

Technology evolves faster as time progresses, allowing organizations to shift to newer, more efficient work models. A new cultural and technological advancement is the hybrid office and workforce.

A hybrid workforce is a diversified workforce of employees working in a central office or working remotely from another location, typically from home. Hybrid workforces allow for maximum flexibility for a company’s employees. Options to work from anywhere reduce commuting time and expenses if an employee lives far from the office. Employees also have more time to enjoy their social and personal lives, which can boost their overall happiness.

Many industries benefit from hybrid workforces, including:

  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Accounting
  • Managed IT
  • Customer Service
  • Counseling & Therapy

Benefits of Hybrid Offices and Workforces

Businesses have noticed the benefits of hybrid offices and workforces over the past few years. Some companies may have been skeptical of employees working from home, but real-world practice disproves that concern. Hybrid offices have achieved stable growth and positive results throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, showing they can be the future of work balance.

Here are some of the leading reasons for establishing a hybrid workforce.

Enhanced Flexibility

The stereotypical 9-to-5 cubicle job is slowly fading away as time progresses. With modern technology solutions, employees can now work from anywhere at any time. Remote workforces allow for maximum flexibility for employees. A morning person can now work from sunrise to early afternoon with a whole part of the day available. Employees with busy morning schedules can opt to finish their errands by noon and work until the evening. Hybrid workforces offer solutions that fit anyone’s schedule.

Being able to work from anywhere also frees employees’ schedules for recreation. You can now work while traveling for a weekend retreat in the passenger seat or on a long train ride.

Improved Employee Happiness

Studies have shown that employees are happier when given the option to work from home. Every employee is different, and sometimes they are more efficient during different times of the day or in a quieter environment. Working from home or out of the office allows for more quality work time and personal fulfillment.

Human beings need a mix of social interaction and alone time. Some people might enjoy working from home until they feel isolated, making a hybrid office perfect for balancing these feelings. You can work from home a few days of the week, then come into the main office to connect with coworkers and attend important events and meetings.


Ensured Safety

Over the past few years, we’ve all had to adapt to living through a pandemic as safely as possible. A hybrid workforce arrangement allows sick employees to work from home without wasting their paid time off. Working away from the office ensures employees don’t have to compromise their health or the well-being of others.

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Implementations of Hybrid Technology Solutions

Hybrid workforces require certain technologies, programs, and services to function. A smaller company can implement these on their own, but it gets more challenging if your business has a larger number of employees—more people means more technology.

Whether you hire a tech company or want to do it yourself, here are some ways to implement your hybrid workplace.

Interconnected Work Environment

Whether you’re working at home or in the office, you shouldn’t miss any important calls or messages. Hybrid offices connect physical work devices with digital resources and programs. For example, you can connect your desk phone to your computer or cellphone to ensure you don’t miss a thing in or out of the office.

Virtual IT Team

Having an in-house IT team and help desk can be expensive and take up a lot of space. New technology and cloud-sharing services allow businesses to offsite their IT through third-party companies. You can also utilize offsite locations to store your servers and data, buying storage space depending on your needs.

Virtual IT teams can manage servers and systems of a business through a secure internet connection, providing fast IT solutions. With more people working from home, the risk of cyberattacks can grow. A virtual IT team can keep in and out of office workers safe from phishing, malware, and other scams.

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Cloud-Based and Shared Storage

Hybrid work requires the digital sharing of data, platforms, and other business materials. Connected platforms and cloud-based data servers like Google Drive, SharePoint, and Salesforce allow data management, password sharing, and access to company files.

Teams, Slack, Zoom, and other channels allow workers and clients to communicate anywhere in real time. You can create separate channels, convos, and direct messages. These communication channels maximize team and personal collaboration and ensure you always have an opportunity to relay a message or idea to someone out of the office or on the floor above.

Technology Response Team Can Help Hybridize Your Workforce

TRT’s main priority is our customers’ success. We can help your business create a hybrid workforce to suit your business and employee needs. We offer remote IT services so your virtual processes are protected and serviced regularly. We provide managed and co-managed IT, server support, cloud computing, data backup solutions, and a variety of IT solutions. Contact TRT today.


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