New and Noteworthy: What we’re reading in IT, Cybersecurity, and Compliance this week


Google Play store bans thousands of developers due to ransomware threats. 

T-Mobile data breach is the second one this year.  This company is in the news a little too often for all the wrong reasons

Android apps exposed during a device transfer


AI is powerful, but it’s hard to strike a balance between functional and secure. Samsung bans ai use altogether. 

Italy banned ChatGPT for privacy concerns. Now it’s available again.

Experiments on how well ChatGPT is at detecting phishing. Currently it has a 23.2% false positive rate, which makes it impractical. 

Cybersecurity at work

Email threats and trends

“Most insiders aren’t looking to cause harm. At best, they believe they’re cutting through the red tape; at worst, they’re apathetic.”

Strategies to secure web applications from ai assisted cyberattacks

Got remote workers? Do they have the right tools? 

Everything else

Will this number ever start to go down? 

Malware moves to targeting password managers

50:1 doesn’t seem like great odds. 


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