Is SharePoint Migration Right for My Business?

Side view of someone in a yellow shirt using a laptop

Deciding to alter or adapt your business’s digital setup can be daunting, especially when considering migrating to a comprehensive platform like SharePoint. In this article, we will guide you through understanding SharePoint migration—what it is, its unique features, and its potential impact on your business. Understanding SharePoint Migration If you’ve been thinking about streamlining your […]

Construction Industry IT Pain Points: Why You Should Consider Construction IT Services

Side view of two construction workers looking at some monitors

Like other sectors, the construction industry has increasingly adopted digital solutions. But just as in other sectors, adopting these new tools presents challenges. This blog post delves into the common IT pain points in the construction industry, the increasing need for construction-focused IT services, and what factors to consider when choosing an IT service provider […]

The Role of Co-Managed IT Services for Nonprofits

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The modern nonprofit sector is buzzing with digital transformation, and one significant player in this paradigm shift is co-managed IT services. But how exactly do co-managed IT services for nonprofits operate? And how does it differ from traditional IT services? More importantly, how are nonprofits leveraging these services to advance their missions and enhance their […]